An Exhibition Tsumugu 紡ぐ:

March 30, 2021


An Exhibition of New Works by Sleepless KaoApril 8 – May 8, 2021

At Branches & Knots

Dearest Friends & Art Lovers,

It’s springtime, and I am launching a new April art exhibition called “Tsumugu 紡ぐ” which literally means “spinning thread”; but this title is more aptly about creating story yarns, or weaving life experiences and inspiring thoughts together in my imagination. Gathering so many delicate fibers of my being, as it were, and making them into images that originate, and reverberate, in my heart.
Throughout these uncertain days, many challenging thoughts crisscrossed me and I realized that warm feelings from people and nature were my hugest inspiration. I want to create art of love and gratitude, special ordinary moments that can hopefully touch us all in heartfelt ways.

FYI, we can’t gather all at once, but please come visit in-person, solo paths; the feeling will be a month-long opening of many views, our tapestry of slowly returning to the world—safely and spaciously. Arigato ne!

– Kao, April 2021

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Place: Branches & Knots
at 3128 W. Broadway
Store Hours: Sunday Monday Closed, Tue – Sat 12-6